Why We Love Our Pigs


As a growing family of eight we have come to appreciate more than ever the joy of being able to supply our own organic, non-GMO food for our family. Food that is raised with integrity, land that is cared for properly and animals that are loved and appreciated from infancy to slaughter are principles we live by. If you are looking to add a few pigs just for fun or if you are interested in breeding your own Idaho Pasture Pigs we would love to talk with you and share our love for these gentle and fun-loving creatures!

The Idaho Pasture Pig breed is a heritage breed which began in 2012. These Pigs are grazing pigs who need a minimal amount of grain and will not destroy fields which makes them perfect for both hobby farming and homesteaders! Their temperaments are gentle and their loving dispositions make them very easy to adore. They are simple creatures to care for and will reach a mature butcher weight in about 7-8 months. Their diet consists of grass, some grain and as many scraps as we can scrounge up for them. Their treats are apples, any cultured dairy we can spare from our loving milk cow, and (of course) a back rub. They love to have their backs' scratched!

We would love to help you add Idaho Pasture Pigs to your farm today!